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ABAP definicja SAP LUW. Co znaczy which is performed either completely or not at all. Related.
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Definicja SAP LUW

Co znaczy SAP LUW:

Indivisible business process, which is performed either completely or not at all.

Related sequence of programming units which when executed can be distributed across several work processes (several database LUWs) as with, for example, dialog steps or remote function calls. However, database changes are made within one single database LUW. SAP LUWs are carried out by grouping techniques in which update function modules or subroutines, among other things, are registered in various work processes and executed by one single work process. An SAP LUW is completed by the open SQL statement COMMIT WORK. Changes within an SAP LUW can be undone with the open SQL statement ROLLBACK WORK.

An SAP LUW usually has the same function as a dialog transaction (which maps a business process) and maps database changes made in dialog transactions to an update. A dialog transaction can, however, also include several SAP LUWs.

SAP przykład użycia SAP-LUW pomoc. Jak działa sap-luw kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Sap-Luw w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji sap-luw w klasie.

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