openvt objdump objcopy co to jest
Openvt, Od, Objdump, Objcopy.
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  • Jak użyć objcopy Co to jest optionally changing the file format in the process (but not the endian-ness). If outfile is not specified, objcopy creates a temporary file and renames it to infile when the copy definicja
  • Jak użyć objdump Co to jest specified, objdump displays information on each object file in the archive. At least one of the options -a , -d , -D , -f , -g , -G , -h , -H , -p , -r , -S , -t , -T , -V , or -x definicja
  • Jak użyć od Co to jest in octal format, but other formats can be specified. With multiple files, concatenate them in the specified order. If no files are specified or file is -, read from standard input definicja
  • Jak użyć openvt Co to jest Locate the first available virtual terminal (VT) and run command with any arguments given. If no command is specified, the shell $SHELL is started definicja

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