tune2fs krzyżówka tail tailf co to jest
Tunelp co znaczy tsort krzyżówka tset co to jest true słownik troff czym jest traceroute co oznacza.
Znaczenie tune2fs krzyżówka tail tailf definicja.

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  • Jak użyć tty co znaczy Print the filename of the terminal connected to standard input definicja
  • Jak użyć tune2fs krzyżówka Tune the parameters of a Linux Second Extended Filesystem by adjusting various parameters. You must specify the device on which the filesystem resides; it must not be mounted definicja
  • Jak użyć tac co to jest cat , tac prints files in reverse to standard output. Without a filename or with - , it reads from standard input. By default, tac reverses the order of the lines, printing the definicja
  • Jak użyć tail słownik each named file (or standard input if - is specified) on standard output. If more than one file is specified, the output includes a header at the beginning of each file definicja
  • Jak użyć tailf czym jest file, then wait for the file to grow. tailf is similar to tail -f , but it does nothing when the file is not growing. Useful for following a logfile, particularly on a laptop when definicja
  • Jak użyć talk co oznacza is either the login name of someone on your own machine or user@host on another host. To talk to a user who is logged in more than once, use ttyname to indicate the appropriate definicja
  • Jak użyć talkd tłumaczenie communication server. talkd notifies a user that somebody else wants to initiate a conversation. A talk client initiates a rendezvous by sending a CTL_MSG of type LOOK_UP to the definicja
  • Jak użyć tar przykłady files from an archive medium. If any files are directories, tar acts on the entire subtree. Options need not be preceded by - (though they may be). The exception to this rule is definicja
  • Jak użyć taskset definicja or set the processor affinity mask of either an existing process, given its PID, or to run a new a process, given its command name, with a specified affinity mask. The Linux definicja
  • Jak użyć tcpd encyklopedia incoming TCP/IP requests (such as those for telnet , ftp , finger , exec , rlogin ). Provide checking and logging services; then pass the request to the appropriate daemon definicja
  • Jak użyć tcpdump jak działa Dump headers and packets of network traffic that match expression . The command continues to capture packets until it receives a SIGTERM or SIGINT signal (usually generated by definicja
  • Jak użyć tcpslice czy jest Reads and manipulates packet capture files created by tcpdump -w . Based on timestamps, extract portions of or piece together files. Display all packets between the given start definicja
  • Jak użyć tee pojęcie Accept output from another command and send it both to standard output and to files (like a T or fork in the road definicja
  • Jak użyć telinit wyjaśnienie System administration command. Signal init to change the system's runlevel. telinit is actually just a link to init , the ancestor of all processes definicja
  • Jak użyć telnet opis is the user interface that communicates with another host using the Telnet protocol. If telnet is invoked without host , it enters command mode, indicated by its prompt, telnet> definicja
  • Jak użyć telnetd informacje protocol server. telnetd is invoked by the Internet server for requests to connect to the Telnet port (port 23 by default). telnetd allocates a pseudo-terminal device for a client definicja
  • Jak użyć test znaczenie if its value is true, return a zero exit status; otherwise, return a nonzero exit status. In shell scripts, you can use the alternate form [expression ] . This command is definicja
  • Jak użyć tftp co znaczy Trivial File Transfer Protocol), which allows users to transfer files to and from a remote machine. The remote host may be specified, and optionally the port , in which case tftp definicja
  • Jak użyć tftpd krzyżówka File Transfer Protocol server. in.tftpd is normally started by inetd and operates at the port indicated in the tftp Internet service description in /etc/services . Only publicly definicja
  • Jak użyć time co to jest passing it any arguments , and time the execution. Note that there is also a shell time command, so you might need to specify the full path, usually /usr/bin/time , to run this definicja
  • Jak użyć tload słownik Display system load average in graph format. If tty is specified, print it to that terminal definicja
  • Jak użyć tmpwatch czym jest Recursively remove regular files and directories in directory with access times older than hours . Specify the directory as an absolute path. This command is usually invoked by definicja
  • Jak użyć top co oznacza frequently refreshed) about the most CPU-intensive processes currently running. You do not need to include a - before options. See ps for explanations of the field descriptors definicja
  • Jak użyć touch tłumaczenie update the access time and modification time (and dates) to the current time and date. touch is useful in forcing other commands to handle files a certain way; for example, the definicja
  • Jak użyć tr przykłady Translate characters. Copy standard input to standard output, substituting characters from string1 to string2 , or deleting characters in string1 definicja
  • Jak użyć tracepath definicja host and report the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU.) A simplified version of traceroute without options meant for use by unprivileged users. If specified, it will use port to definicja
  • Jak użyć traceroute encyklopedia taken by packets to reach network host. traceroute attempts tracing by launching UDP probe packets with a small TTL (time-to-live), then listening for an ICMP time exceeded reply definicja
  • Jak użyć troff jak działa See groff definicja
  • Jak użyć true czy jest A null command that returns a successful (0) exit status. See also false definicja
  • Jak użyć tset pojęcie terminal to be initialized is whichever is found first from the value of terminal , the value of the TERM environment variable, or the default terminal type. See also the reset definicja
  • Jak użyć tsort wyjaśnienie partially ordered strings in the specified file. Multiple strings on a line are separated by spaces, where each line indicates a partial ordering. The fully ordered results are definicja
  • Jak użyć tunelp opis System administration command. Control a line printer's device parameters. Without options, print information about device(s definicja

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