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Quotaoff, Quotaon, Quotacheck, Quota, Quotastats.
Znaczenie quotaoff quotaon quotacheck definicja.

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  • Jak użyć quotastats Co to jest System administration command. Print a report of quota system statistics gathered from the kernel definicja
  • Jak użyć quota Co to jest group. With no argument, the quota for the current user is displayed. Most users can display only their own quota information, but the superuser can display information for any definicja
  • Jak użyć quotacheck Co to jest building a table of current disk usage and comparing it to the recorded usage in both the kernel and the quota files. quotacheck will update quota information when possible and definicja
  • Jak użyć quotaon Co to jest quotas. To work, the filesystems must have a gpquota , quota , or usrquota option listed in the /etc/fstab file. On most filesystems, user and group quota files must also exist definicja
  • Jak użyć quotaoff Co to jest System administration command. Turn off enforcement of filesystem quotas. This command is a synonym for quotaon -f definicja

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