autoupdate autoscan co to jest
Autoupdate, Autoscan, Autoreconf, Automake, Audiosend, Atrm, Atq, Atd, At, As, Arp, Autoheader.
Znaczenie autoupdate autoscan definicja.

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  • Jak użyć acpi_available Co to jest Determine whether ACPI functionality exists. Returns 0 for true and 1 for false definicja
  • Jak użyć arch Co to jest Print machine architecture type to standard output. Equivalent to uname -m definicja
  • Jak użyć accept Co to jest jobs for the specified print queue or queues. Depending on queue settings, the system may prompt for a password. Also invoked as cupsaccept definicja
  • Jak użyć access Co to jest mode argument: r for read, w for write, x for execute. Used mostly in scripting, access works better than test because it uses a direct system call rather than looking at the file definicja
  • Jak użyć aclocal Co to jest a single file. The aclocal command first scans for macro definitions in m4 files in its default directory (/usr/share/aclocal on some systems) and in the file acinclude.m4 . It definicja
  • Jak użyć aconnect Co to jest hardware and software to route events, similar to running patch cables between different mixers and synthesizers in an all-hardware audio system. aconnect is part of the ALSA definicja
  • Jak użyć acpi Co to jest Interface) system, based on the /proc/acpi file. Most kernels after 2.4 support ACPI hardware, and in both hardware and software, ACPI is gradually replacing the older APM definicja
  • Jak użyć acpid Co to jest Configuration and Power Interface) events, such as battery warnings, power-supply changes, and laptop lid closings. As ACPI hardware replaces older APM (Advanced Power Management definicja
  • Jak użyć addr2line Co to jest numbers for the executable given with the -e option, or a.out if -e is not specified. If addresses are given on the command line, display the filename and line number for each definicja
  • Jak użyć addresses Co to jest Connect to the PalmOS device on the specified port, and dump the addresses from the address book to stdout. Part of the pilot-link package of tools for managing PalmOS devices definicja
  • Jak użyć agetty Co to jest terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline. agetty is invoked by init . It is the second process in the series init-getty-login-shell , which ultimately connects a user with definicja
  • Jak użyć alsactl Co to jest ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) system. Settings are written to configuration files using the store function and loaded from those files with the restore function definicja
  • Jak użyć aumix Co to jest Audio mixer tool. Run without any options or arguments for an ncurses-based interactive mode definicja
  • Jak użyć amidi Co to jest Read and write raw MIDI files (.syx format, without timing information) to ALSA ports. For standard MIDI (.mid ) files, use aplaymidi and arecordmidi definicja
  • Jak użyć amixer Co to jest amixer displays or changes the current mixer settings for the current sound card and sound device. To display all mixer settings, use with no flags or commands definicja
  • Jak użyć anacron Co to jest file. Execute commands periodically. By default, anacron reads a list of jobs from a configuration file, /etc/anacrontab . The file consists of shell variables to use when running definicja
  • Jak użyć aplay Co to jest Play sound files using the ALSA sound system. The related arecord records sound files definicja
  • Jak użyć aplaymidi Co to jest Play MIDI files using the ALSA sound system; output is to ALSA sequencer ports definicja
  • Jak użyć autoconf Co to jest file , if given, or in a or file in the current working directory. The generated script is almost invariably called configure definicja
  • Jak użyć apm Co to jest as battery life, or send the system into standby or suspend-to-disk mode. Used on older systems, and replaced by acpi and related commands. -V , --version Display version definicja
  • Jak użyć apmd Co to jest Advanced Power Management BIOS driver. The driver reports on battery level and requests to enter sleep or suspend mode. apmd will log any reports it gets via syslogd and take definicja
  • Jak użyć apropos Co to jest occurrences of each string and display the result on the standard output. Like whatis , except that it searches for strings instead of words. Equivalent to man -k definicja
  • Jak użyć apt Co to jest freely available packaging system for software distribution and installation. For detailed information on apt and its commands, see Chapter 5 definicja
  • Jak użyć ar Co to jest Used most commonly to create and update static library files, as used by the link editor (ld ). Compiler frontends often call ar automatically. Only one key letter may be used definicja
  • Jak użyć arecord Co to jest Records sound using ALSA. Accepts the same arguments and options as aplay definicja
  • Jak użyć arecordmidi Co to jest Records midi files using ALSA. You must specify the port using the -p flag definicja
  • Jak użyć autoheader Co to jest from m4 macros defined in template_file , if given, or in a or file in the current working directory. The generated template file is almost invariably definicja
  • Jak użyć arp Co to jest Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache (/proc/net/arp ). ARP is used to translate protocol addresses to hardware interface addresses. Modifying your ARP cache can change which interfaces definicja
  • Jak użyć as Co to jest file . Object files have the same root name as source files but replace the .s suffix with .o . There may be some additional system-specific options definicja
  • Jak użyć at Co to jest are read from standard input or from a file. (See also batch .) End input with EOF. time can be formed either as a numeric hour (with optional minutes and modifiers) or as a definicja
  • Jak użyć atd Co to jest System administration command. Normally started in a system startup file. Execute jobs queued by the at command definicja
  • Jak użyć atq Co to jest List the user's pending jobs, unless the user is a privileged user; in that case, list everybody's jobs. Same as at -l , and related to batch and atrm definicja
  • Jak użyć atrm Co to jest Delete jobs that have been queued for future execution. Same as at -d definicja
  • Jak użyć audiosend Co to jest workstation (Sun and Sony, with microphones). After prompting for address, subject, and Cc: fields, the program asks the user to record a message, then allows him to re-record definicja
  • Jak użyć automake Co to jest from template files and can be used to ensure that projects contain all the files and install options required to be standards-compliant. Note that Versions 1.4 and 1 definicja
  • Jak użyć autoreconf Co to jest autoheader , aclocal , automake , and libtoolize in specified directories and subdirectories. This command is seldom invoked manually. It is usually called automatically from definicja
  • Jak użyć autoscan Co to jest named configure.scan based on source files in specified directory , or current directory if none given. If a file already exists, autoconf will check it for definicja
  • Jak użyć autoupdate Co to jest if no file is specified. This command is seldom invoked manually. It is usually called automatically from other autoconf tools definicja

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